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Artificial Heart Component Performance Simulation


Abiocor TM


Abiocor TM Titanium Body

ABIOMEDTM Corporation is a pioneer in researching techniques to safely pump blood. One of their most ambitious projects came to public attention in 2001 when clinical trials began on their newest product, the AbioCorTM mechanical replacement heart.

The AbioCorTM literally can be a lifesaver for people who are seriously ill with congestive heart failure and for whom a heart transplant is not available. That can occur because there are far too few transplantable hearts to meet the needs or because the person is ineligible for a variety of medical and other reasons.

The AbioCorís flexible diaphragm pulsing pump action simulates the expansion/contraction of the human heart. It is fully implantible - no openings through the skin - and doesn't require bulky tethered support systems, unlike some pioneering efforts.

The AbiocorTM is made primarily of titanium and AngioflexTM, ABIOMED's proprietary polyurethane plastic. The device incorporates, and has built upon, many advances in technology made by ABIOMEDTM.

JAR Associates was tasked by ABIOMEDTM to perform FEA-based design response simulations on the titanium pump body when it was subjected to loads typical of those that the ABIOCORTM mechanical heart would undergo when implanted.

These simulations predicted and graphically displayed stress and deformation response. This in turn allowed ABIOMEDís designers to refine the design for increased robustness and reliability.

For more information on ABIOMEDTM and the AbioCorTM mechanical replacement heart, go to www.abiomed.com.


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