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Multibody Dynamic Analysis of a Safeing and Arming Device

ADAMS models were created and analyzed to determine the arming time for several design concepts for a safeing and arming device on a complex weapon system. The device functions as a safety mechanism, allowing certain parts to move only when the entire system is spun at a very high rate.
The key aspects of the ADAMS models were the part geometries, masses, spring stiffnesses, and initial configurations. The ADAMS models tracked the many impact and friction loads developed between the parts of the device when subjected to varying initial spin conditions.

Transient Shock Analysis of the MK-48 ADCAP Torpedo Weapon Stowage System

A large 3D finite element model for transient dynamic analysis of a weapon stowage system assembly was constructed. The model includes general contact between various components as well as the nonlinear behavior (including large strain, hyperelasticity, and contact) of the system that supports a torpedo mounted dispenser (TMD). ABAQUS/Explicit was used to carry out the calculations.

Four-dimensional Space-time Finite Elements for Wave Propagation

JAR developed and implemented, in a prototype and special purpose finite element program, capability for modeling wave propagation in continuous media using a space-time finite element. Space-time finite elements include the interpolation of the time domain in the element formulation, as opposed to traditional methods which mix finite elements in the spatial domain with finite difference based integration schemes in the time domain.

Other Defense Projects

  • Thermal and Mechanical Analysis of the Longbow Microwave Transceiver
  • Static, Vibration and Transient Dynamic Structural Analysis of Improved Firing Valves and Their Impact on the Overall Design of the RAM Pump Torpedo Ejection System
  • Vibration Analysis of a Shear Mount-Transducer Plate Assembly
  • Coupled Hydrodynamic/Structural Analysis of the MK48 Torpedo Nose Assembly
  • Nonlinear Analysis of a Coaxial Cable
  • Large Displacement Analyses of a Towed Cable Array
  • Elasto-Plastic Analysis of a 105MM Projectile
  • Vibration Analysis of a Composite Low Drag and Low Altitude Dispenser Structure
  • Strength, Fatigue and Limit Load Analysis of the Main Rotor Hub for the Navy SH-2F Attack Helicopter
  • Stress Analysis of the Thread Detail of a Gear Tire
  • Thick Plate Analysis (with Holes) via the Generation of Equivalent Orthotropic Properties Using Micro Models
  • Stiffness and Deformation Analysis of a Flextensional Transducer
  • Three-dimensional Structural Analysis of a Submarine Main Shaft Seal Assembly


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