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General Industry

Other JAR Projects For General Industry

  • Multibody Dynamic Impact Load Analysis of an Ammunition Handling System
  • Dynamic Load Prediction in a Paint Can Shaking Machine
  • Kinematic Analysis of a Machine for Cutting and Folding Pasta
  • Laminar Flow Analysis of a Chemical Applicator for Polymer Surface Modification
  • Seismic Analysis of Submerged Valves and Valve Support Assemblies
  • Vibration Analysis of a Computer Controlled Three-Axis Grinding Machine
  • Large Displacement Analysis of a Stamped Actuator Spring
  • Elastic Plastic Analysis of a 12 Inch Metallic Valve Seat Undergoing Large Deformations
  • Geometric and Material Nonlinear Analysis of Welded Metal Bellows
  • Nonlinear "Lift-Off" Analysis of a Stiffness Controlled Grinding Machine Table
  • Inflation and Large Displacement Analysis of a Belted Radial Tire
  • Elasto-Plastic Analysis of a Bridge Gusset
  • The Development and Implementation of a General Capability for the Analysis of Incompressible and Nearly Incompressible Materials Using Hyperelastic Finite Element Technology
  • Analysis of Large Diameter Buried Composite Pipe
  • Vibration Analysis of a Composite Low Drag -- Low Altitude Dispenser Structure
  • Deformation Analysis of a Three-Axis Grinding Machine
  • Thermal and Pressure Analysis of Cast Iron Diesel Pistons
  • Design and Analysis of High Rise Shelving Systems
  • Development of Analysis Procedures for Coupled Flow, Gas Diffusion and Bubble Collapse in Processing Laminated Polymer Structure
  • ADAMS Model of a Linear Positioning System, Including Rail Flexibility


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